Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Finally....A Few Finishes to Share with You!

Here are a few projects that I've been working on lately. I *love love love* to start new things but *sometimes* am horrible at getting them all finished.
There is just too much to do in a days worth of time so often my hobbies of sewing and crafting get put on the back burner so that the things that NEED done can get done.
Which is why I am always sooo happy to finally complete a project. ( Oh, and to finish 3 in one weekend is almost unheard of !)

You may remember a month or so ago I was working on this stitchery.
I had finished it but wasn't sure what I wanted to do with it.
Well, yesterday I quickly hand stitched this little bag from some homespun that I had laying around, sewed my stitchery on to the front of it, stuffed it with some stuffing and tied it shut with a homespun ribbon.
I also finished this yesterday evening.
The design comes from Bird Brain Design and I love it. So simple and clean looking stitched all in blackwork. I planned on framing it this morning in a black frame but after an hour of searching for the frame I finally gave up. It's got to be around here somewhere and I'm sure it will turn up just as soon as I go to the store to by a new one. That's just the way things work for me!

The last item that I accomplished over the weekend was this purse.
Click on picture to enlarge!
I love brown cows (and collect them) so when I found this fabric a few years ago I had to have it. I used all but one little piece of it when I was making and selling purses. So I decided I'd use that last little piece and make myself a purse. I love it!  It's just the right size for me and the straps are the perfect length but most of all I love all the little brown cows that are on it!
Well that's all of the goodies I have to share today.
Since I cut the grass this morning before it got hot out and
dinner is all planned plus dessert is baked (Zucchini Brownies), I think I'll spend the rest of my afternoon working on some more stitcheries.
Stay cool and have a great day!


Carmen C. said...

Your stitching is awesome and I love, LOVE that cow purse!!!!! I bet you'll get lots of compliments on it and no one else will have one:D Hope you and the kiddos are enjoying the day and staying cool!

Ladybug said...

Now that I really Like !! the
Stitching is picture perfect..
such a cute cow purse too.. that
would sell in heart beat at our
Country Sales..If the price is
right :-) Great job well done..
Enjoy the day keep cool

Growing Up A Country Girl said...

I love to finish projects too -- love the purse!

Cheryl said...

Love your purse, great job!

Dani said...

good job, everything looks nice..I've made the Bird Brain blackwork stitchery also...really like it...

Primitives By The Light of The Moon said...

Beautifully stitched....I still admire the pillow you sent me. You make the most perfect stitches!