Thursday, October 13, 2011

A Fall Drive through the Country

As I look out my front porch I can see the bright orange trees that dot the hillsides. It is so pretty. Many of the trees are just beginning to turn but those with the orange leaves stand out from them all. 
We finished our school lessons early today so we thought we'd take off for a ride in the country.
We headed to Fish Creek first.
The leaves were turning but weren't quite as vibrant as I had hoped for. We did spot a few animals though along the way.
A nice size squirrel playing near the road,
a few cows wading in the creek and a big turtle that I almost ran over.

We decided to turn around and head back to town.
After a quick pitstop at the house we drove up to Grandview Park where the colors were much brighter.
               I loved this tree with it's two tone leaves.
While there we walked around looking for different shaped leaves (school project) and of course what's a trip to Grandview without visiting the playground.
We'll have to take another drive in the next few weeks to see if the colors get even better.


Carmen C. said...

SO beautiful! the leaves here are all colored now too, not looking forward to all those bare trees though:( Love the big fat squirrel, LOL!!!

Cheryl said...

The leaves there are pretty. I just love fall and blowing leaves.

Loretta said...

Those leaves in the last two pics are sooo pretty! Love the colors together.

Angela said...

It's beautiful up your way! I hope the rain and wind doesn't make all the leaves fall like they are doing here.

Mama-Bug said...

Thanks for sharing your drive! We don't have any pretty fall colors in Florida.