Sunday, October 16, 2011

Witches Boots

Hi everyone!

Well the weekend is almost over and it will be back to school and work.....(sigh)!

It's been a pretty uneventful weekend here.
No major "going ons" so I had the time to sit and work on these little witches boots pillows. The stitchery pattern is from CountryBerries. I found it in one of the newspaper flyers that I get at my local fabric shop. (Can't remember the name of the paper but I love browsing through it. There is always a few freebie patterns in it.

We've had pretty nice weather all weekend ~ sunny and mild. Yesterday was a tad on the windy side though. I thought I'd take advantage of the wind and hang my laundry out but that wasn't such a good idea. The strong winds broke one of my lines.
Today proved to be a better day with not as much wind.
Tomorrow is concrete day so we're hoping for no rain though we've had a few sprinkles this evening.
Dad has been trying to get his new sidewalk in for a few weeks but due to all the rain that we've had it's been impossible. Keeping our fingers crossed that the next round of rain will hold off at least until Tuesday.
Well that's it for my weekend. Hope you had a great one!


Loretta said...

I love hanging out laundry too! Oh you must have had a time gathering from the broken line! Hope it didn't land in a mud puddle! Have a good evening. Loretta

Carmen C. said...

Those are adorable!!!!! We had rain and wind all weekend, blah, but I got alot of crafting done so it was a good thing I guess:)Hope your dad can finally get his sidewalk in!

colleens craft shed said...

We had wind all weekend. Stayed indoors for most of it but I did not get much crafting done :( Love the witches boots pillow they are adorable. Hoping for no rain for you dad's sidewalk!!

Christine said...

Your little pillows came out so cute!
Have a blessed week!

Robin at The Primitive Hutch said...

Jessica, I love the witches boots you stitched up ~ they turned out great!!! We have a great paper called the Country Register around here that has wonderful free patterns, recipes, and lists of shops throughout the state.
Been really windy here the last couple of days ~ blew all the pretty leaves off the trees :(
Have a wonderful week!
Prim Blessings

Mama-Bug said...

The little pillows are adorable! It's been raining pretty good here all morning.

Sharon said...

It's always nice to find a free pattern! We are supposed to get rain tomorrow. Hope it holds off so the concrete can get poured and set!

Love the fall pics you posted in the other post!