Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Not Happy with JCPenney Optical

Sorry gals but I'm not happy at all tonight and I've got to vent.
I've been needing new glasses for quite some time and my oldest son has been complaining of not being able to see the whiteboards at school so I made an appointment for the both of us at JCPenney's Optical.
Before I begin let me say that my husband goes to a local optometrist here in our area and refuses to go to anyone but her. I on the other hand am willing to go wherever and since my prior experience with JCPenny's optical department was superb I saw no reason not to go there this time.
But boy was I wrong!
Both of us went for our exams today and had no issues with the optometrist. However, once we received our prescriptions we went to the vision center to pick out our glasses and that's where it all went downhill.
There were two ladies working there. One seemed as if maybe she was new to the job. She just didn't act as if she really knew what she was doing. The other lady seemed to be "in control" but in a hurry to go home.
She even took some of our paperwork from the lady that was "helping" us and said that she would enter it into the computer to hurry things along so that they could leave.

Now the last time I went to JCPenny's for glasses (5-6 years ago) I had a wonderful woman that provided me much info and help in picking out the right glasses for me. 
This time ~ not so much!

What we got was a rush job. 
We both picked out glasses pretty much on our own without any professional help.
My son is also getting contacts but they wouldn't give him the sample pair to bring home to try because they didn't have time to show him how to use them correctly. We were the only ones in the store but they didn't have time....again they were in a hurry! (Oh, and I even got my son out of school early for this appointment!)
Now we have to go back tomorrow so that they can show him how to use them.

If they didn't have the time for a complete appointment then why did they even schedule it??

Maybe I am wrong for being mad but I feel that I could have spent my money (over $500.00) elsewhere and gotten better professional service from friendlier associates, a bigger selection of frames to choose from and not have had to go back the next day just for a contact lesson.
Lesson learned for me ~ go elsewhere!


Carmen C. said...

That's terrible, if they were in such a hurry to get home WHY schedule appt.s that late to begin with:/ that's alot of money to spend for the crappy service you got:(

Angela said...

That's terrible Jessica! And uncalled for! I would take my prescriptions and get my glasses from another store. I go to a place in Charleston that is in my doctors office. I love the quality of their glasses. I've noticed lately that Sams Club is even selling the some of the same frames. I know I wouldn't go back!

Grace said...

I'm so glad you wrote this post. I am really tired of crappy service and (even though I am a seriously non-confrontational person) I'm beginning to call people on it.

I've been noticing how disgustingly dirty and uncleaned the bathroom is at our Kroger grocery store lately so I finally decided to tell someone. I stopped a passing employee, told him that the bathroom is unacceptable and he said "Sorry, you have to tell the people at the customer service desk." Really? I have to do that? I don't work here jerkface! The folks at the, oh let's call it Customer Service just for fun, shall we, were visibly annoyed by my taking up their time with this, to them, non problem. I don't shop there anymore.

Loretta said...

I just don't get it...we, the customers, are the ones keeping these stores open by buying there, spending our money...and, we are the ones to get the shaft! Unbelievable!!!
So sorry Jessica you had to put up with this crap and you should do all you can so this reaches the right ears! The nerve of those...

Sharon said...

Wow...I would have had trouble not saying something to them. Maybe a letter to the manager?

Cheryl said...

Give them the rx back and complain requesting your money back.

I did that with Len Crafters for my mother-in-law. After 3 trips they could not get her glasses correct. Good Luck