Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Just a Few More Days

Just a few more days of school left until summer break.
The weather has been pretty warm so it feels like summer is already here though.
I've got the pool up and running and the kids made their first splash in it this past weekend. I thought the water was a bit chilly but it didn't phase them or their friends at all.

The Jack Rabbit  
Sunday we made our yearly trip to Kennywood Park. I thought maybe it wouldn't be so busy since it was early in the season but boy was I wrong. The place was packed and the lines were long but we still enjoyed the day.
The Log Jammer

Raging Rapids

The Sky Rocket

Leaving the park

Now that the weekend is over I've been busy getting all of our homeschooling documents prepared to send into the school board. They are ready to be delivered however my truck won't drive.
I went to start it yesterday and put it in gear but it wouldn't move. You give it gas and the engine revs up but the truck stays put. Strange since it hasn't given me any problems in the past. It ran fine on Saturday and then boom Monday it wouldn't move.
I'm hoping it's something fairly simple but with my luck it will be something *big* with the transmission.
Just my luck!


Carmen C. said...

Vehicles are such a pain, my service engine soon light has been on and Chris can't figure out why, probably have to pay someone big $$$ to tell us why! Looks like a fun day at kennywood, glad you had a good time:)

Farmchick said...

Looks like a lot of fun!! We leave our pool up all year round but we had a HUGE wind a month ago and it totally destroyed our pool...had to buy a new one! Hope you can stop by and visit. :)

Sharon said...

Looks like a fun time! Getting a head start on summer fun!

black bear cabin said...

i was just going to ask if you had the pool out yet...nothing says summer, like swimming in the pool. i bet the kids are fired up for the break...and probably you are too :) That amusement park looks like fun...but the lines can be frustrating! Kids dont seem to mind it as much as we do though, so thats good!