Thursday, May 24, 2012

Just Put Me in a Bubble

This weeks has been lousy for me and at the rate things are going I may need put in a bubble for safety's sake.

-Monday my truck's transmission decided to quit working

-Tuesday I peeled all the skin off the side of my lil pinkie    finger as I was trying to work on the pool pump. (Ouch!)
I also took out a 2 foot section of our chain link fence Tuesday as I was cutting grass. The chain on my back tire got tangled in the fence and I didn't realize it so as soon as I drove forward it ripped it all out. Hubby wasn't too happy and neither was I. From now on I'll be weed eating everything within a foot of that fence because I'm not going near it with the riding mower anymore.

-Wednesday I sprained my ankle as I was heading outside to hang up a load of laundry. I was just stepping off the last step and as soon as my foot touched the ground my ankle rolled and I hit the ground. I didn't think I had hurt it that bad but as the day wore on it really started bothering me and by late last night it REALLY was bothering me. However, a good nights sleep with it resting high above on pillows has helped the swelling and pain to go down.

My husband suggested that maybe I just needed to stay indoors and not do anything today. Maybe that way I won't break or hurt anything else this week.
I'm taking his advice and spending the day sitting with my foot propped up, my stitching in hand and hopefully something nice to watch on tv.
Hope you all are having a better week than I am!


black bear cabin said...

sounds like a crazy week for you...perhaps your body purposely sprained your ankle to keep you from doing any more damage! :) hehehehe Glad you didnt hurt yourself too bad, but i agree with your hubby...take the day off and rest a while...maybe youre just trying to do too much and its catching up with you. And speaking of catching up, this will give your hubby a chance to catch up on all the repairs he needs to do around the house while you relax :) hugs, and hope today is better!

annie said...

so sorry you were injured!
hope you heal quickly & get the rest you need! hope the stitching helps the time pass quickly!

Carmen C. said...

Oh no:( You sure have had a VERY bad week, I'm so sorry! Sending ((((HUGS)))) and prayers your way sweet friend, I hope the pain goes away fast and you start having some GOOD luck from now on! I've actually gotten caught on fencing with the riding mower too so I think it's normal, don't beat yourself up over it;)

Mamabug said...

Oh Jessica, hope your poor ankle is feeling better. I hate having a week going so crazy. Enjoy your rest while you can. Hugs!

Julia said...

oh..that sounds like a week I had some weeks ago, Jessica! :0(

I hope your ankle feels better with a day of resting. Sounds like you need it! {{hugs}}

Sharon said...

I'm so sorry you are having a bad week, Jessica! I hope your ankle heals quickly for you...but at least you've got some stitching to pass the time while you rest. :)

Cheryl said...

My goodness, you take care of that foot. Hope it's better soon!

The Coolidges said...

Dang, girl! Hope you get better soon. We all have those days/weeks!

Janet said...

Gosh, what a wild week. Wish I had a bubble for you.

I hope that your foot and finger heal up fast and that you will feel better soon.

Take it easy over the weekend and enjoy it too.

Take care, Janet W

Granny Sue said...

Goodness! So sorry for your bad luck this week, Jessica. And would you believe, I have sprained my ankle once and broke my foot another time doing EXACTLY the same thing? Who knew hanging laundry could require hazardous duty pay? I hope it heals quickly for you.