Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Long Hot Weekend

It was a long weekend for hubby due to Memorial Day weekend plus he got an extra day off for his (41st) birthday which was last week. It was so hot and sticky though that no one really wanted to do much of anything other than swim in the pool.
When we weren't in the pool we were enjoying the coolness of the air conditioned house. 
I did get my Promises and Borders Block 5 finished the other day while I was resting my ankle. I'll share those pictures with you tomorrow.
I've also gotten back to stitching up some more hexies for my flower garden quilt.

This whole ankle thing is really getting old!! Tomorrow makes a week since I fell and though it is feeling better it still swells and hurts if I'm up on it for any amount of time. I'm not used to sitting for long periods of time so being told to rest just doesn't come easy for me. (GRRRR!)
As I type this I'm laying in bed with it propped up on a few pillows and have an ice pack on it. * BUT* I have things to do that can't be done while laying in bed or sitting on the couch. Heaven forbid I ever break a leg and be confined to a wheel chair or crutches. I think I'd literally go nuts!


Carmen C. said...

Yes the heat has been a bit too much for so early in the season! I sure hope the pain settles down soon, I would be climbing the walls too:(

Mamabug said...

Can I come visit your pool! I think I'd be living in a pool if I had one. It's been atleast 97 and higher here every afternoon. Hope your ankle will be better real soon!

The Coolidges said...

We had a nice cool Memorial day weekend (low 80's)

I'm thankful that we have a dry heat! It's been warm here the last few days and thank goodness it's not humid too!

Steph said...

We took Reed swimming for the first time over the weekend...He loved it! Hope your ankle gets better! My aunt broke her wrist 3 weeks ago, and just went to the dr about it! She can't babysit Reed while she's healing, so I can't work in the chicken houses, Lance has to. I'm on a mini vacation, haha.

Walking on Sunshine... said...

Your pool looks so inviting! It was hot here also this past weekend but we managed to get a lot accomplished around the house and garden. Sorry your ankle is sprained! I deal with chronic back pain and I know the anxiety of having to just lay still while there's work to be done! You'll get to it all! Enjoy your day!