Monday, May 7, 2012

Sewing Hexies ~ The Makings of a Flower Garden Quilt

Well, another weekend has come and gone and though I didn't get much time to sew I did manage to get at least a couple flowers done to show you all what I'm working on.
First of all I made this pattern so that I could print lots of little hexies all at one time. I made 3 copies of them to get started with.
You can get the pattern HERE.

After printing a page of these off I simply cut one full hexagon out (include the seam allowance when you cut).
Next I took that hexagon and traced it on to a piece of template material. I had some that I had purchased a long time ago but you can use cardboard, a paperbag or anything else that you can come up with. Just remember if you are going to cut the fabric with a rotary cutter you will need something that is pretty sturdy.

Now that I've got a template I picked some fabric out and traced my pattern onto it. You will need 1 center hexie and 6 more for the flower petals.
Cut those out and you're almost ready to begin stitching.
Grab the remaining paper patterns that you copied. With these ones you will be cutting them all out but you can remove the outer seam allowance ring. You will only need the inner hexie.
Lay your fabric hexie right side down and then pin one paper hexie in the center.
Now you are ready to stitch!
Fold fabric edge over the top of the paper and then baste stitch all the way around. Finish with a knot and cut the extra off. This basting stitch will be removed in the end. It just allows for easier sewing while assembling the flower.
Once you get enough hexies to make a flower you can begin sewing them together. 
Place the center hexie and a flower petal right sides together and stitch. ( I use a whip stitch! Not sure that that is the correct way but it works for me.)
Continue sewing more petals to the center and as you add more you will need to stitch up the sides of the petals too.
Once you have a hexie completely surrounded by other hexies you can cut the basting stitch and then remove the paper pattern from it.
Backside of flowers
See how I have removed the paper pattern from the flower centers?
The rest of the paper pieces will stay until they have been joined by more hexies.

I hope this little tutorial was helpful and not too confusing!


Carmen C. said...

Wow, I think this project is w-a-y above my skill limit, lol, but so pretty! What a gorgeous masterpiece that's going to be!!! Love the colors!

Tudy said...

Love your flowers. I do mine a little different. I print the size hexie I want on card stock and then cut them out. I punch a hole with a paper punch somewhere in the hexie. I then cut either outside the hexie pattern 1/4 inch or I cut a square bigger than the hexie. I then just fold over the fabric and put 2 little stitches in each corner just through the fabric. This can be left in. After sewing them together I stick my scissors tip in the hole to remove the card stock pattern. These can be used over many times. This is just my way but I thought maybe you would like to try it. There are many ways to do any project it is just what works best for you. Have fun making them.

Angela said...

It's beautiful Jessica! I have a table runner that is made from the yo yo look like your flowers. I loved it and bought it at Home Goods. I remember my mom made a quilt using yo yo's when I was a kid and I loved it. I actually bought one of those yo you makers at Michaels a good 2 years ago and I haven't taken the time to even make any yet. I need to get more organized and get to crafting again.

Trace4J said...

Thanks for sharing
I always wanted to know how to do these. I am having knee surgery and they would be a perfect thing for me to try.
Yours look so pretty!

Sharon said...

Thank you, Jessica! I don't think it was confusing at all. Very nice tutorial!