Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Zip Line, Creepy Crawlies & another Project

This will be so cool!
Grand Vue Park is adding a Zip Line this year and I can't wait until it's done.
Katie & I went to the playground at Grand Vue yesterday when I snapped these pictures. The very first photo at the top is of the platform where I am assuming the Zip Line will begin. It's on the highest hilltop in the park. 
You can read more about the park and it's new Zip Line HERE.
While at the park we were surrounded by creepy crawlies.
It's tent worm (caterpillar) season here and all the trees are full of these worm bags.
So disgusting!
The little caterpillars have come out and were everywhere. You couldn't help but to step on them....they were literally crawling all over the ground.

Not only did we see caterpillars though!
We saw millipedes doing the same thing. They were in the grass, on the sidewalks and in the play area at the park. Strange to see so many of these at one time.

Today not much is going on. Schooling, laundry, pumping the pool cover off after all the rain that we received last night and hopefully a bit of stitching this afternoon.
Oh, and I have another little project that I've begun.
Here's a sneak peek.
I'll post more of it as I get more done.


Carmen C. said...

How exciting to get a zip line! You have to show when they get it done:) it's creepy crawly season here too, just saw a big spider in the garden awhile ago, UGH! Your sneak peak looks interesting, hope you don't keep us in suspense for *too* long, LOL!!!!

Loretta said...

Exciting news! Hi Jessica, stopping by to visit and say hello. Thanks so much for your encouraging words during my time of need...they were really needed and appreciated! Hubby is doing well! Hope you have a lovely evening. Hugs

Robin at The Primitive Hutch said...

Oh I hate bugs ~ when I saw the pic of the millipede I started gagging ~ I just can't handle looking at bugs ~ especially ones with a million legs!!! LOL such a baby I am!!!
Can't wait to see what your working on now!
Prim Blessings

Nancy M. said...

How cool! I've always wanted to zip line, it looks so fun!

Sharon said...

We've had a rash of earwigs (I call them "pinchers"). I've seen the tent worms as well, but not to the degree you are describing. Ick! Because of such a mild winter, we will all probably see more bugs than usual. As long as they stay outside and don't get in the house, I'm okay with it. LOL!
Ah! You are working on hexagons!