Monday, June 11, 2012

Golfing at Grand Vue & a Brownie Recipe

The kids always have fun at this particular hole on the Putt Putt Golf Course at Grand Vue Park. You have to hit the ball across a narrow bridge over the water and if you miss it goes in the water. 
Of course the kids don't even try because it's no fun if it doesn't go into the water. If it's not busy & crowded then the kids usually go back and play that hole a few times. We never take score because we all stink at golf so we just play for fun.
Our oldest son is missing in these pictures but that is because he is off on a mini vacation. He sent me a few photos last night so when I get them loaded onto the computer I'll tell you where he's at and share a few of the pics.
Doesn't this brownie look yummy??
I've posted this recipe before but I'll share it again.
I made these the other night and as you can see I didn't even wait for the icing to harden up. I just dug right in!
Go HERE to get the recipe.


Carmen C. said...

Those look amazing, YUM! My IBS has been acting up so I have had to severely limit the sweets (for now anyway) but one day soon....:) Looks like fun, the kids went mini golfing yesterday and Tyler slept the whole time:/

Sharon said...

We used to go putt-putting. Lots of family fun. The brownie looks delicious!!! You are on Monday's Mention. ;-)

Rosemary said...

Hi, Jessica! Saw that Sharon mentioned you on her blog and thought I'd pay a visit! Your recipes looks so good! I'm also making a hexagon quilt! You're so right! No boredom when there's so much sewing to do! Great to meet you!!

Robin at The Primitive Hutch said...

I haven't played miniture golf in a long time ~ Looks like their having a lot of fun!
Oh Yum ~ Where's the ice cream???
Have a wonderful week Jessica!
Prim Blessings

Julia said...

What fun! I wish we had a mini golf locally...