Monday, July 23, 2012

First Yard Sale of the Year and a Great Find

Saturday morning I awoke early to head out to some yard sales (the first for me this season).
The Catholic church in our town has a HUGE sale each year and  I didn't want to miss it.
My most favorite find was that box of quilting hoops and stand. Just as I was browsing the last table of sale items I looked up and saw the box. I immediately grabbed it. 
For $2.00 how could I not??
Once home I laid it all out to see if all the parts were there.
Here's what I found.

From what I can tell everything was there as well as several other large hoops and a few small ones.

I managed to bring home a few more things.

I collect this series of Christmas bulbs. Each one has a picture of a special place here in our county and this is one I had never seen. It's got a few scratches here and there but for 10 cents I can't complain.

Growing up my Mom always cooked in Club aluminum pans and they are still a favorite of mine. Here are 3 of the six that I found. All purchased for $4. Several were Club aluminum and the rest were stamped Made in USA...not sure what brand those are. A couple of new handles are needed but that's not a problem as Dad can make me new ones. I'm going to clean these up a bit and if any of them don't clean up to my liking then they will be used for things other than preparing food in.
Not bad for one day of yard sales.

I better get back to preparing school lessons for the upcoming school year. I've put it off all summer but I must get a moving on it.
Have a great day!


Kerin said...

Wow Jessica...
You found some great finds!
How lucky to have found some old Club cookware too. I remember that.

Hope this is a great week for you!!

Smiles :)

Carmen C. said...

You found some GREAT bargains!!!! I haven't been to any sales at all, I don't have room for any more stuff but yet I keep wondering what I might be missing, LOL!!!! Have a great evening!

Loretta said...

Hi Jessica, those hoops will come in handy for you with all your sewing. What nice finds...all of it! Wishing you a great week ahead!

black bear cabin said...

what a great score at the garage particularly excited for you about the quilt hoops! enjoy!

Sharon said...

Wow! You found some great deals, Jessica! I love that you found the hoop stand for $2.00!

Walking on Sunshine... said...

Great finds! And what fun pictures in the rain of your boys. Hope the flooding wasn't too bad! Enjoy your day!

Robin at The Primitive Hutch said...

Great finds at such wonderful prices!!!
I'm sure you'll put all those hoops to good use!
Prim Blessings