Friday, July 20, 2012

Look What a Little Rain Does

It makes the kids go crazy!

We have had a few showers recently but they have only lasted maybe 5 minutes or so and then done.
Not today though!
Hubby called and said it was pouring in Wheeling where he was working. (about 20 minutes north of us) He said the streets were flooded with water as so much rain had fell in such a short amount of time.
I then headed outside to check the weather in our neck of the woods and sure enough there were storm clouds approaching.
We've had so very little rain this summer so this was much needed.
The kids and I went to sit on the front porch and sure enough the rain began.
It was a hard heavy rain and the kids just couldn't resist playing in it.

They ran through the puddles!

They tossed buckets of water!

They even laid in the puddles!
They were soaked from head to toe and very in need of a shower by the time they were done.
The girls on the other hand played it safe and stayed on the porch playing with cars.

Hope you all got a little rain relief today too!


Rosemary said...

The boys seemed to be having so much fun! Wish we adults could do the same!

Carmen C. said...

Looks like they are enjoying it:D we got some yesterday and had a much cooler (upper 60's:) day today!

Sharon said...

Looks like they are having a great time in the rain! We are getting rain right now. Just a nice steady rain.

Loretta said...

Oh sweet happy you finally got it! I think I would have joined the kids too! Lol