Saturday, July 14, 2012

A week of NOTHING other than Pinterest

It's been one of those weeks!
I've been out of sorts with steady sinus headaches which just really puts me in a mood.
You know the kind of mood that I'm talking about, the one where you just really don't want to do anything at all.
So that is what I have done all week...pretty much NOTHING!
No cooking (at least anything worth blogging about), very little sewing and no blogging. About the only thing that I did accomplish was spending hours and I mean hours on the internet as I sat up a Pinterest account. (yes, I know I'm a bit behind in doing this.)
Eventually I'll place a link on my blog so that you can browse through my favorite finds.

Yesterday was my big once a month grocery stock up trip. My Mom is on vacation this week so she took us. Katie and I both got our hair cut. Katie decided it was too hot for long hair plus she hates having to comb it all out after being in the pool so she went for an above the shoulder cut. I too did the same thing.
After that we began our grocery shopping.
Later in the evening we went out for dinner and then stopped at Jo Ann's Fabric.
My Mom had given me a gift card for there so I decided to use it to buy what other than fabric! (Thanks MOM!!)
I got a good many fat quarters that I can use in my hexagon quilt as well as a new thimble. All that stitching that I've been working on lately really makes the tips of my fingers quite tender. 
Well that's all that's going on in my world. 
Hope you have a great weekend!


Buttercup said...

Hope you're feeling better. I can get lost for hours on Pinterest and really enjoy it.

Carmen C. said...

Love the fabrics and hope you get better soon! I brought home a nasty cold/cough with me, finally starting to feel a bit better and Pinterest sure is a way to pass the time, I had to cut back on it as I was spending WAY to much time on there:/

Soggibottom said...

:-) I actually love to see you, but can you please either quit your music or make it something that I can sing away too or tap to.. OR BETTER STILL ... fall off the chair for :-) :-) Ah, loves yer babes, just give something to hum too.
I used to have piano lessons for years and I still want to stamp my feet at other stuff... x x x

Angela said...

I haven't jumped on the Pintrest wagon yet. I'm always a late bloomer on those things. I just joined fb not long ago and then I was hesitant to use my real name so I'm not! lol So I don't have many friends because no one knows who I am but I only joined so I could get the free samples and coupons that you can now only get if you are on fb.

Cheryl said...

I need to check out Pinterest.
Have heared alot about it.

Sharon said...

I hope you are feeling better! I know exactly what you mean about having days or a week like that. Your new fabric is going to make very pretty hexigon flowers!

Robin at The Primitive Hutch said...

Sorry to hear you had the sinus blues ~ I wasn't feeling the best all week last week either ~ blaming it on the heat.
Wonderful fabric finds ~ better get to work!!!
Happy crafting!
Prim Blessings