Monday, September 10, 2012

Feels Like Fall!

This weekend brought some very fall-like weather and I'm loving every bit of it. The A/C is turned off, the windows are wide open and it is so cool and comfy.

I'm already finished stitching this month's Promises and Borders block (I'll post a pic as soon as I sew the border around it) so I thought I'd begin on a little fall project.
I had to go to our local quilt shop the other day to find some temporary adhesive to use in my new project and while there I couldn't resist a few fat quarters. They will be perfect for my newest adventure.
I'll show you more when I get all the pieces cut out!

With the approach of fall the apples on the tree are getting bigger though fewer in number thanks to the deer.
The flowers are fading...
and since the temperatures are dipping into the low 50's at night I figured we'd better get the pool closed up for the season. Once the water cools down then no one wants to get in to remove the steps and so forth. So Friday evening was spent doing just that. Everything removed, pool water drained down a little and the cover is on. I hate to see the summer be gone but at the same time I am more than ready for fall.


Loretta said...

Hi Jessica, so am I! Waiting to see this new project and your finished one! Of course, I know it will be lovely! Enjoy the cool weather...Some of us need it!
Gentle Hugs,

Carmen C. said...

Beautiful fall weather and you are so lucky to have apples, we lost all ours this yr. due to the late freeze:( Could I please ask you to keep Chris in your prayers, he is in the hospital with another bad case of diverticulitis and peritonitis, since he has had so many episodes over the last couple yrs. they want to do surgery once this infection clears to remove the worst part of his colon. Kind of scary, any good thoughts or prayers deeply appreciated!

Robin at The Primitive Hutch said...

I'm looking forward to fall and all it brings too!
Fun fabrics and I see you got the Country Register ~ not only fun to see where some new shops are but sometimes they have free projects!!!
Prim Blessings