Saturday, January 25, 2014

Snowy Saturday

It's been snowing all day today and I love it!
The wind has been blowing so much that it is hard to say just how much snow we got but my guess would be between 4 and 5 inches.
For the most part I've been inside admiring the snowy views from my windows. But I did venture out to shovel sidewalks which by the way was pointless because they are now covered with about 2 more inches of the white stuff.
Katie and the neighbor enjoyed a little sled riding between our houses. I banked up some snow hoping to stop them at the bottom of the hill but once they got the snow packed down they flew down the hill, hit the snow pile and went airborne into the road. I, of course was keeping watch for traffic and taking pictures as they came down.

It's supposed to snow more tomorrow as well as Monday so I'm sure these two will be back out sledding again.


Carmen C. said...

It looks like they had alot of fun and glad you enjoyed it as well :) we got about the same amount here, but instead of looking out at it I was drooling into my seed catalogs, lol!

linda eller said...

Oh, to be young again! What fun.

Patty Sumner said...

I actually venture out into the snow yesterday with my Grandson....I have not done that in a while...It was fun.. The snow was to dry to make a snowman but would be great for sleding...we just did not have a Have a great Sunday and stay warm.. Blessings!

Angela said...

We are having fun with this snow too! I put up a few pictures of our snow on my blog the past few days. I don't like these 9 below zero temps we had the other morning that they are saying we are going to get again this week!

Granny Sue said...

Looks like fun! Enjoy while it lasts.