Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Iced Over - The Ohio River

This is what the Ohio River looked like on Sunday.
We got a good bit of snow over the weekend. Way more than I thought we would get and by Sunday I needed to make a trip to the grocery store for a few basics (bread and milk) but I don't like to drive when it gets bad out so I talked hubby into taking me out. 
We left home where our street was still snow covered. I figured once we got downtown the roads would be better but they weren't. Everything was snow covered, even the highway (Route 2) hadn't been touched. 
It made for a pretty drive...I love the snow!
I asked Mark to drive me across the bridge so that I could see the Ohio River all frozen over.
My camera didn't do a good job taking the pics, it blurred them all as we were in the truck and moving.
Once we crossed back over we stopped at the riverfront. I wanted to walk to the edge of the bank to take a few pictures but the snow had drifted much higher than I wanted to walk through so I climbed into the back of the truck bed to take a few snapshots.
It's been many years since we've had so much ice on the river. There is a path down the center where the barges have plowed through.
Once we stopped at the grocery store we headed back home where I snapped this one. 
The empty ugliness on the left side of the road is where the Fostoria Glass Factory once stood. I was aiming to get a shot at the snow covered hills in the foreground which is between Route 250 and Grand Vue Park.

Back home all snug and cozy and that's where I'm staying. School was canceled today and again for tomorrow due to cold temperatures and low wind chill but a warm up is coming after that and I'm actually looking forward to that. 
It's just too cold (-8) for my liking!


Granny Sue said...

Yes, cold, cold, blue cold! I hope I get to see the river tomorrow while it's still so icy. Stay warm, Jessica!

Carmen C. said...

It is pretty but BRRRRRR! I am so ready for spring...50 days to go!!!

Soggibottom said...

oh, keep warm and safe. Too cold for us this side of the pond xxx

Farmchick said...

It has been sooo cold here...I have a bad case of spring fever!