Monday, February 3, 2014

Another SNOWDAY!

This week has started out snowy and schools were once again cancelled. Our kids have actually spent more time out of school than in school since the first of this year. (Amazing!)
Yesterday morning the weather channel was predicting an inch of snow for overnight. Well by last night that had changed and we were right on the line between getting 2-4 inches or 3-5 inches. 
It snowed all night and the picture above is what it looked like when I woke up this morning.
By late afternoon, the snow had finally stopped and I went out and measured.
Yep...almost 5 and a half inches!
I haven't ventured out today other than to clear sidewalks but have heard that the roads were pretty bad. This evening, the main roads are clear but ours has yet to be plowed or salted. The snow is packed solid into a slippery sheet and cars are having a hard time getting stopped at the intersections. 

So far school is on a 2 hour delay for tomorrow. We'll have to wait and see if that stays or they get cancelled yet again. 


Carmen C. said...

Wow, you got quite a bit! They are calling for more snow and ice here tomorrow night into wed. Ryan put in for leave and wants to come this weekend if they can approve it, hoping the roads will be good for the long trip to Pittsburgh airport which is a 2 hr. drive one way :/ stay safe and warm ;)

Carol Z said...

Just stopping by with a quick hello. Hope you are doing well.

Sarah Adams said...

Love it! All we got was a bit of ice. Stay warm!

linda eller said...

That is a LOT of now for sure. Just be safe, be warm and wait it out.