Friday, February 28, 2014

Thinking of SPRING!

As I sit here watching yet another snowy weekend forecast I can only dream of the arrival of spring. 
I envision digging in the garden. 
Shall I try a few new plants this year? 
Should I expand my little garden plot to allow for just a few more veggies? 
The answer I know is YES!

But for now, those are only my dreams for it looks as if winter is still here to stay.

So I guess, I'll continue ready my gardening books and looking at the seed catalogs.
And the only flowers that I'll be seeing anytime soon are those that I can create with my hands.
Wishing you all a warm and toasty weekend.
Stay safe on the roads and let's hope for snow and NOT ice.


Christine said...

Such a pretty punch needle heart with the spring flowers! Can't believe how much snow you guys have got this winter.
Enjoy reading those catalogs!

Carmen C. said...

You have created some beautiful flowers, love them! I too have been drooling into the seed catalogs, even got my seeds I ordered already and this weekend, Sunday into Monday looks horrible! I am so tired of it, I keep telling Chris if he ever were to lose his job we are heading SOUTH, lol!!! Stay safe and warm;)

Robin at The Primitive Hutch said...

Beautiful punch needle Jessica!
I'm dreaming of spring ~ been looking at those garden books too!
Keep dreaming!
Prim Blessings