Monday, March 10, 2014

New Kitchen Flooring

I am so happy!
This weekend we put new flooring down in the kitchen. We've been living in this house over ten years now. Most of the house has been remodeled but not the kitchen. The vinyl flooring in the kitchen was horrible. The family that lived here before us had kids and the kids wore baseball cleats in the house so you can imagine what my floor looked like. Our hope was to replace the floor when we got around to remodeling the kitchen but thanks to the economy I may be dead before we have the money to remodel.
So we decided finally to replace just the flooring.
Love it!
It's a vinyl flooring with a cushion-y backing but best of all it has the look and feel (wood grain) of an old-time wooden floor.
I love log cabins and the cozy feeling that they have and that is what this makes me think of. 


black bear cabin said...

it looks really pretty! i need to do our bathrooms here...i have that super 70's vinyl tile that is just soooo hideous and dated! My husband is funny though, he thinks because there is nothing wrong with the tile, that we dont need to change it...what a slacker :)

linda eller said...

Very, very nice! Am sure it made the whole kitchen look better.

Carmen C. said...

That is GORGEOUS! I LOVE it!!! I have been looking at flooring for our kitchen and love the laminate but it is so slippery for pets, is this type any less slick and was it hard to install??

Carmen C. said...

OH...and did you put anything down under it??

Granny Sue said...

Gorgeous!!! We need to do something. Either refinish our wood floors or put down new. They're in really bad shape after 40 years of hard livin'.

lisa said...

That is so pretty.... We are in the same boat... We have digs...Ours is 17 years old.... and it looks it... I am so happy for you.... Lisa