Thursday, March 12, 2015

Dresden Plate

I just finished quilting a small lap quilt for my mom and as soon as I removed it from my frame I was off in search of another quilt to start on. This time I chose a dresden plate because I have plenty of fabric scraps that I can use without needing to spend money on more fabric. Though I will need to make a stop at the fabric shop to buy the background fabric for it.
I have spent the last few days going through all my totes of fabric and finding the bits and pieces that I wanted to use. I found the pattern HERE at Sew Mama Sew and made a template of it. 
Next was the fun part of cutting all my pattern pieces out and placing them in a colorful arrangement. 
As you can see PINK was the first color that I chose. 
This is my first time working on a dresden and I love it. I love COLOand so it has been fun working with all the bright and colorful scraps that I have accumulated over the years. 
Speaking of BRIGHT....the sun is out and shining today....yippee!
I am so over winter. It's been in the 50's for a few days and it feels great!


Lady Jane said...

This is so very pretty. I love Dresden.

Carmen S. said...

So pretty! Looks like a big spring flower :) Hope you are enjoying the day!