Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Granny Ripple

Finally, after a few years of working on this it is finished. Well maybe I shouldn't say I was working on it because most of that time it just sat in my sewing basket. Anyways it was such an easy pattern to work on while sitting in front of the TV in the evenings. I prefer the easy patterns that I can work on night after night without having to have the pattern right in front of me to refer to with each stitch that I make.
I took a picture of it draped over Katie's headboard but I'm not so sure that I'm actually giving it to her. I don't really think that she will take care of it. We'll see. The bright colors in it just scream Katie. 
Oh, and speaking of Katie and her love of bright colors...I took her yesterday to get her eyes checked and of course she too needed glasses so she picked a pair of bright purple glasses. I'll have to sneak a picture of her wearing them once she gets them.
I'm off to enjoy the rest of our SNOW DAY.
Stay warm and safe!

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Carmen S. said...

Bright and beautiful! You did an amazing job!!! We got hit with the snow too, close to a foot :/