Thursday, August 11, 2016

Farm Girl Vintage

I have been waiting for almost six months to start this quilt. You see, I have several other quilts that are still unfinished so I told myself that I COULD NOT start another until those were finished. 
Well the others still aren't finished but I could wait no longer. Summer is pretty much over in the sense of work and school schedules. Monday begins the new school year and I couldn't wait any longer to get stitching on this before our vacation ended.
I began about a week ago and I am having so much fun with these blocks. I chose to make mine in the 12 inch blocks which are a nice size and easy to work with. It really shouldn't take me long to complete the blocks and get it on the quilting frame. 
If you've never heard of Farm Girl Vintage or Lori Holt then you really should check her blog out.
                       - Bee In My Bonnet - 
This has been the best quilt book that I have ever worked out of. She provides simple and easy instructions with step by step pictures. Well worth the money!

I'm off to check the skies for the meteor shower that is supposed to happen tonight and then off to count sheep.


Carmen S. said...

So glad I stopped by to check the blog, these are amazing!!! SO pretty! I can see why you couldn't wait to start on them ;)

Ming Wu said...

Great! I love it...