Monday, May 1, 2017

Needle Punching a Bee Skep

I love crafting and have tried my hand at many a projects over the years. The one thing that I am not good at though is drawing. Sadly my drawings consist of stick people and even those look like that of a preschooler. Thankfully there are people like Michelle Palmer (as well as many others) that are fabulous at what they do and they sell and share their creations with us. For without those sketches I would have nothing to create.
Here is my latest. It is a punch needle pattern by Michelle Palmer. She has a total of seven different bee skeps to choose from.  This is what it will look like when finished.

As soon as I finish the bee skep I'll be starting on the American Rooster Heart Flag. If you would like to see some other goodies by Michelle you can find her at Michelle Palmer - Petals and Palettes.


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This is so beautiful! Thank you for sharing~ I hope you enjoyed working on it :)