Monday, August 28, 2017

A Year in the Making...and It's Finally Finished!

I went back in my posts to see just exactly when I began on this quilt and it was August of 2016. Sadly, it has taken me a full year to finish it. I worked on sewing together each block last year. Then took a break for the holidays and as soon as the Christmas tree was taken out I quickly moved furniture around and set up my quilting frame. Next I got busy with work, not feeling well and then surgery in May so not much got done for quite a few months. All the while my quilt sat in our living room taking up space. I finally got back to it though within the last two months and was able to finish it up yesterday.
It makes me so happy to have it complete.
I still have this one that needs quilted but it's not going to happen soon. 
Actually probably not until next year. I'm ready to work on some hand stitcheries for a while as well as some crochet and punch needle.


Lady Jane said...

Your quilt is beautiful!!! Hugs, lJ

Carmen S. said...

That turned out amazingly beautiful!!! You are so talented my friend!