Wednesday, September 6, 2017


Be KIND to unkind people.
They need it the most.

I bought a little wooden sign several years ago with this saying on it. I placed it in my kitchen window in hopes that I would see it everyday to remind myself
to take a little more time with those that are a little less kind and a lot harder to deal with.
I liked the saying so much that I decided to stitch it onto fabric and frame them. I completed the stitcheries months ago but just got them framed this past weekend.

I was on the phone with a not so nice lady this morning and as I was talking and getting madder by the minute I looked up to see the sign. I tried really hard but have decided that there are just some people who you will never be able to "kill with kindness." 
But that's OK because at least I know that I tried!


Carmen S. said...

Hehe, you know I am chuckling over that ;) Love the sign and hope you don't have to deal with anymore of those types!

Lady Jane said...

Ha, have dealt with a few of those, lol. I do love your kindness stitchery. I would like to make one of those. Hugs, LJ