Saturday, January 3, 2009

A Favorite Worth Sharing

I LOVE to burn these little wax melts in my tart burners. I have purchased many different scents from many brands over the years and these by far are my most favorite.

Yummy, lasting scents that fill my whole house as they burn!

The lady that makes these is extremely nice to deal with. Her name is Carol and she makes these in her Pennsylvania barn and then sells them on Ebay. I believe that is the only place you can find them. Her seller name is candlesbycarol and her store is called Candles from the Keeping Room. She sells a cute little package of about 8 tarts that come wrapped & tied with a bow for just under five dollars. There are so many scents to choose from that it makes it hard to decide which to pick. My personal favorite is the Vanilla Buttercream Crunch! She ships these really quick and always includes a few other samples with your purchase.

When I find something that I really like I try to pass it around. I have given these to my sister-in-laws & close friends and now they are all hooked on them as well. So if your into candles and tart burners you should check her site out on Ebay. I think you will be pleased.

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TLP2001 said...

She is wonderful...I recently bought Christmas gifts from her and she shipped them really quick and very cheap...her scents fill my whole downstairs