Saturday, March 14, 2009

An Enjoyable Birthday

First of all, let me Thank You all for the birthday wishes yesterday.
It's nice to have so many kind friends from blog land.

My Mom & Dad watched the kids yesterday evening while my husband took me out for dinner. The hard part was deciding where to go. I said, "let's go somewhere different", but in the end we ended up at my favorite spot.


After we finished our meal we headed out to do some shopping that I had to do. I was hoping to get to a small craft boutique to get a new stitching pattern that I have been wanting but they were closed when we got there.

**I was at another craft store this morning and they were closed for the day is what the sign read. I know the economy has to be effecting small places like these. But I really hope they ALL can stay afloat in these rough seas.**

Anyways, we shopped and then headed home to pick up the kids. The kids wanted me to open my presents so we did that.
Let me just say that I LOVE Tractor Supply and I love that my husband always knows where to go and how to pick out things that I will enjoy.
Here is what he and the kids got for me.
A Horse Weather Vane. When the wind blows the blades turn making the horse move. How Cute!
Here is a horse garden stake. I think I will put it out front when the Hostas start popping back through the ground.

I love horse stuff so both of these were perfect. Perfect ending for a perfect day!


Chickenista said...

Happy Birthday!!!

I left you an award on my blog!

Olde Dame Penniwig said...

I love yer horse stuff! The moving weathervane is really unique, and won't that sign look nice among the hostas? I love horses too...mules and donkeys, also!!!

Rosemary said...

Happy Birthday!

Enjoy your special day!

Carmen said...

Sounds like lots of fun and those gifts are awesome!!! I like tractor supply too, we stopped in there today and they had bunnies I was drooling over, but hubby said NO! He says 2 is enough no room for more:(

NorthWoods Country said...

Hi Happy belated Birthday! Nice gifts, i love horses to i had one in my younger years i miss those days. Also my sons birthday is the same day as yours:) you have a nice piece of the web and some nice recipes! Have a great day!