Monday, May 4, 2009

A Little of this and a Little of That!

It was a cool weekend here with part sun and some rain. Just enough rain to make the garden too soggy to work in but just enough sun to be able to get the lawn mowed.

I did get a little time to paint a small stand that the neighbor was throwing out. It's a great size to use on my porch between some chairs. It's heavy enough that the wind won't blow it away and it was free so if someone steals it then I'm not out anything.

I also got time to stop by our local library on Saturday. They were having a book sale so Katie and I stopped. She found a good many "kids" books and I grabbed some more cookbooks, cross-stitch and embroidery books and of course a few historical romances. The embroidery book is an older one with Sesame Street designs in it. It would be great if you were decorating a child's room with Elmo and all the other characters.

Now today, the dreaded Monday, it's back to the ole' routines. We are anxious to be finishing up on our schooling for the year. I have already ordered and received some of next years textbooks. I will still use county supplied books but I have found that the A-Beka books provide great subject matter that is fun and interesting for the kids. Once we finish this years studies then I will jump right in on organizing next years. ( A good game plan always makes things go smoother!)

On a sour note, we learned last week that my mother-in-law needs to have a liver biopsy done. She goes in tomorrow for this procedure. She battled lung cancer seven and a half years ago followed by heart bypass surgery and came out on top of things. The doctors say that she now has a mass on her liver so we are all hoping and praying that whatever tomorrow's results may bring she will be able to overcome it too!

Catch you all tomorrow with hopefully a new recipe to share!


Carmen C. said...

I hope everything turns out fine for your MIL. She was lucky the first time, my grandfather died of lung cancer at age 44 and by the time they found it, it had spread all over the place. I always love the library book sales, you can get some good bargains there!

Apple Tree Cottage said...

Despite the damp weekend, sounds like you had fun! A recipe you say???? OH GOODY.... bring it on.

:o) Martha

Olde Dame Penniwig said...

Hoping your MIL will find the mass is benign. That is tough, to battle two such serious things and now to have to have a biopsy.

gtyyup said...

You had a very busy was cool and rainy here too. Prayers for your mother-in-law...hope all goes well.