Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Sitting At the Top

They say 3's a charm so maybe this attempt at posting will work since it's the 3rd time I've tried! Anyone else out there ever have those kind of days?

The above picture is of the kids sitting on the stone wall that surrounds the whole top of the mound.
(If you just popped in and are new to my blog then go to my previous post and you will understand more about these photos. It's just a quick photo tour of our field trip.)

The next one is the monument that sits on top of the mound. It is dated 1942 & has a large E at the top. I'm not sure what it symbolizes or why it is there. That would have been a good question to ask the lady when we got back to the museum but I forgot.

Looking down upon the backside of the museum


Across the way you can see a church under construction with a blue roof, well that is the church that we were married in a little over 15 years ago.


Right across the street from the Mound is the Old West Virginia State Penitentiary which is rich in history and tales. You can click on the link to read more. One of these days I will share some of the photos that I took when I toured the building. Pretty Interesting!


Here is another picture of the main entrance to the Pen taken in the parking lot of the museum.


We played on the front lawn of the museum for a bit. The leaves were falling all around and the kids had a blast crunching through them. The down side was that not only were the leaves falling but the acorns too! It was pretty tough to come off that little hill when your shoes just wanted to roll because of all the acorns on the ground. (Kinda like walking on marbles!)
These tall trees make my kids look like midgets. It was a far away shot but couldn't pass it up.


Well that's all I have tonight.
I did spend some time in the kitchen today experimenting so I have a new recipe to share later.
It brought smiles from my husband's face and then he dug in for more so
it's definitely a keeper!

Good Night!


Sunny said...

Such fun and interesting pictures.
Your music choice is absolutely lovely.
Sunny :)

Olde Dame Penniwig said...

I know what you mean about the acorns underfoot!

It sure is pretty there this time of year.

Carmen C. said...

What a neat place! Your lil' angels look adorable on top of the mound, and what a view, thanks for sharing:)

Sandra said...

I love the pictures!

Granny Sue said...

Nice photos. It's a kind of sad palce, isn't it? The burial mound and the prison side by side. A lot of history there.