Monday, August 29, 2011

Beautiful Start to a Busy Day

I quickly snapped this picture early this morning just as the sun was coming up. The fog was lifting from the hillsides and the shades of the pink and purple sky were beautiful.

Once I got the boys off to school Katie and I headed to the river trail for a bike ride with my Dad. It was a tad chilly ~ especially for tank tops so I made a mental note to take jackets the next time we go for an early morning ride.
Once we got that in we headed back home to begin our schoolwork.
We worked for a while and then I headed outdoors to cut the grass, back in for a shower and then we finished the rest of Katie's lessons.
All the while, supper was cooking in a crockpot ~ a beef roast cooked in french onion soup and beer. I'll have to share it with you all later.
Dinner and clean-up followed by a little playtime in the backyard.
Bath and bed time which is where I am now.
Good Night ~ Sleep Tight!


Tudy said...

Love the sky picture. It is so beautiful. I am crazy about how the sky can look so many different ways.

Carmen C. said...

What a gorgeous sky! it would be awesome to be in a plane flying right through all those colors!!!! Hope you have a wonderful day:D

beforethedawn said...

Wow. What a beautiful site you captured! I love the purples.

Blessings, Jessica

Trace4J said...

Love the picture friend. And your dinner sounds yummo!
I just love your music too!
Hugs Trace

Ladybug said...

Love the picture speaks for itself
Awesome colors...
Music is wonderful too...
Country Blessings
Ladybug :-)

Mama-Bug said...

Beautiful sunrise Jessica! I love those vibrant colors. I wish it would start getting cooler way down south!

Robin at The Primitive Hutch said...

What a beautiful picture!
Sounds like you had a very busy day ~ no wonder your ready for bed!!!
Sleep tight!
Prim Blessings