Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Half of a Sellers "Hoosier" Cabinet

This old cabinet or shall I say half of a cabinet has been sitting on a top shelf in a storage room for quite some time.
The bottom of the cabinet was trashed so the top was cut off with the hopes of one day recreating something with it.
Well the other day during the process of cleaning out the storage area my Dad decided to toss the cabinet figuring it was project he'd never get around to messing with.
However, I hated to see it go. So needless to say I grabbed it out of the junk pile.
Now what to do with it?
Needs a little cleaning, huh?
As I said it's only half of a cabinet.
I have the top half which is a 2 door cabinet with a flour sifter. Below that is a storage compartment with a roll top door. I also have the counter top work place, 3 drawers and two lower cabinet doors. 
So my question is what shall I do with them.

My first thought is to create a functional desktop that would look awesome in a kitchen.
Hang the top half of the cabinet on a wall.
Use the wooden counter top piece as a desk.( I'd have to create some sort of "legs" for this!)
Use the drawers for storage. I'm already envisioning the smaller drawer being used for some of my favorite sewing supplies.
And lastly the two remaining cabinet doors could maybe be used as decoration on the kitchen walls. They of course need something to pizzazz them up a bit first.
The wood isn't oak so I'd just strip it down and repaint it.
My thought was retro...maybe white trimmed in red, turquoise or even pink???
The second option is to just pull the flour sifter out of the cabinet and sell it on Ebay and then trash the rest of the cabinet.

So what do you all think?
What would you do with it?
I'd love to hear any ideas that you may have!


annie said...

Hanging it would be great. One other option, would be to take all the parts, build a base and make a new one of of the old. York Mountain Primitives & Traci, several months ago did the reverse, making a new top, on top of an old washstand to make a new hoosier style cupboard. You could look back through her posts as find it. It looked fabulous after she was finished I would love to see what you come up with when you are done.

Carmen C. said...

I would definitely keep it and make use of it for storage:) I would either hang it or have someone build you a new bottom and re-create the original:) I love it!!!

Sharon said...

I love the idea of making it into a desk for the kitchen and having the upper part hanging on the wall for storage space. I also thought about it for sewing storage. ;-)

Debbie said...

Oh my,I did have a bottom to a old hoosier cabinet, and sold it on Craigs list. We could have put the 2 together and have a whole one!! Oh I would keep it and re do it and hang it on the wall. I love the flour sifter thing. Makes it look so primitive. It wouldn't be hard to build a bottom for it.
Can't wait to see what you do!!!

God Bless~

Lady Jane said...

I love hoosiers so 1/2 a hoosier is better than no hoosier I always say. What ever you do it will be awesome. I like trying to recreative the original but the desk idea is also good.

Nancy M. said...

I have a Sellers cabinet that is similar to yours. Mine is white and red and I love it so much! I'm sure you'll think of something to do with it, you're so creative!