Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Down by the River

It's been a while since I last posted or even read any blogs for that matter.
I seem to be in a "mood" lately.
One in which I could care less to get on the computer at all. 
I haven't even been sewing much lately and yet my days still seem full.
Oh well, the "mood" shall pass and I'll get back to my usual sooner or later!
Our ducky pictures were taken last week down by the river.
Katie finished her schooling up early and since the weather was nice we headed out. She played on the playground for a few minutes, watched a few boats on the river and then noticed this trio walking around.
She's never been around ducks before, up close and personal (I know, sheltered huh?) so she wanted to get close enough to touch one. Once they realized that we didn't have food they wanted no part of us.
However, I picked up one of the many fall leaves lying around on the ground and rubbed it up against a rock and you should have seen how quick they came quacking towards us again.
Katie continued with the leaf trick and they followed her everywhere. There are signs posted asking you not to feed the ducks but obviously people do. I'm sure when the heard the crinkling of the leaves they were hoping we had food for them.
Sorry little food here!

But they still didn't wise up to the leaf trick. They continued to follow us in hopes of scoring a treat. We played with them for a good while until a car full of teenagers drove up, jumped out and started chasing them everywhere. 

After that, we headed back over to the park again. As I was standing there watching Katie I noticed this guy working at the top of the bridge. (same bridge pictured at beginning of post)
This bridge has been getting a new makeover for the past year and the project is almost finished. Look how high up this guy is working and can you imagine what the winds would feel like up there?
I don't know if I could work a job like that. I'd probably get up there and get sick as I'm not a big fan of heights.

Well that's all I have for today.
Hopefully my "mood" leaves soon and I get back into the blogging thing but for now I'm heading outdoors again.
It's too nice to sit inside.
Hope you're having a great day!


linda eller said...

Thanks for sharing the park and the ducks, and hoping your moods are better soon, and you feel encouraged to blog more often.

Carmen C. said...

Love the ducks! Chris worked for a crane company years ago and used to get up on bridges & other high places to weld, used to make me SO nervous, one wrong move and YIKES:/ So glad he doesn't do that anymore:) I haven't be blogging either but do spend alot of time on FB keeping up with the kids and of course little Tyler:)

Loretta said...

Hi, know what you are saying, I have them to, often...takes days for me to get back to earth, Lol! Better soon!
Big {{{{HUG}}}}!

Sharon said...

I wouldn't want that guy's job. I don't care for heights either.
So nice that Katie got to get up close to the ducks and had a nice time. :)

Robin at The Primitive Hutch said...

Hope you get your mood back soon.
There's a huge giveaways going on ~ jump over and check it out ~ 24 prizes to be given away.
Glad to hear Katie had a fun day and got to play with the ducks ~ how fun!!!
Looking at the guy on the bridge makes my knees wobble.
Happy Fall Days to You!
Prim Blessings