Monday, July 21, 2014

Enjoying the Summer

Boy, this summer is flying by so quickly!
We've all been enjoying it though, especially this past week. The temperatures and humidity were much lower so I was finally able to get the A/C turned off and the windows back open for at least a few days. 
Hubby was on vacation too! We didn't do anything fabulous but we really enjoyed the "down time". We did get the kids out to fish a few times. They are easy to make happy!
A pond, a few fishin' poles and worms = happy kiddos.
                                                 * Logan's Big Catch*

                                     *Me & my Itty Bitty Bass*
Momma likes fishing too! I just take a pair of gloves to use as I bait the hook and someone else has to remove the fish when I catch one. (I don't like the slimy feeling of either!)

We also had a family picnic to celebrate my Aunt Joan coming in from Kentucky. There were about 40 of us that were able to attend. Here is my Dad with his sister (Joan) hamming it up.

Of course, there has been plenty of swimming going on.
A good many evenings just sitting around the fire pit. I love the fact that the kids (all of them, including the oldest) still enjoy spending weekends with us doing this. I'm sucking it all up now because I know it won't last forever. 

Other than that there was plenty of time just relaxing while watching movies and for me there was stitching time.

Sunday, June 29, 2014

The Lord's Prayer Stitch A Long

Do you all remember a few years ago I was working on a quilt that was called Promises and Borders?
Well the wonderful lady that shared (and is still sharing that pattern) has released yet another free 26 week stitch a long titled "The Lord's Prayer".

I had sew much fun stitching the first that I couldn't wait to get started on this new one. The problem was picking out which fabrics I wanted to use. 
I started out with this red and grey combo.
But then I dug into my stash a little deeper and found this burgundy sheep fabric. Oh my!
A wee bit more digging and yet another combo. This time red and white. There were simply too many to choose from so I ultimately decided to make three separate quilts. 
Yes, I'm already two blocks behind but oh well, I have all year to work on them.
If you'd like to join in the fun just hop on over and visit Jenny at Jenny of Elefantz. She creates fabulous patterns and I'm always in awe of her beautiful photos she shares of her Australian adventures.

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Row by Row

        Row by Row, I'm Gonna Make this Garden Grow!

This year the garden is off to a good start. We've had hot and humid nights lately and when combined with a little drink of water the plants really start to take off.
I expanded the garden by just a few feet. We planted 17 tomatoes, 5 zucchini, 4 peppers and 2 rows of green beans.
                                     Lebanese Zucchini
I have two different kinds of zucchini. The usual and then I was given 3 Lebanese Zucchini plants. Never heard of them before so can't wait to see what they are like. They are growing well...much bigger than the other plants.
The tomatoes are staked up and even have buds as well as baby tomatoes on them.

As for the green beans....not doing so well. Most of the plants are staying pretty small. 

We have a visitor this week.
A friend needed a dog sitter while she went on vacation so we volunteered. She fits in well at our house and now everyone here is dreading the return of her owner. They all (including hubby) have asked if we can just keep her and not give her back. 
Haha! Like we need another dog.
She is a cutie though!

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Class of 2014

School is over for the summer!!
Not only are the kids happy but so am I. 
But I'd have to say that my oldest son is the happiest of all. 
On May 29th, he graduated from John Marshall High School's Class of 2014.
We took a few photos before heading to the graduation ceremonies. This photo makes me smile every time I look at it. I am so proud of the young man that he has become over the years and I wish him a world of happiness for the future.
Graduation was held at the Wesbanco Arena in Wheeling, WV and unfortunately my camera was giving me fits that night so I wasn't able to get any great pictures. I'm still waiting to get the one that the photographers took of him receiving his diploma.
Logan has been in the welding program at high school for the past several years and that is what he hopes to do in his future. He's applying for a local welding apprenticeship program and is really hoping that he can get in.
Until then, he was lucky enough to get a job at the 84 Lumber in our town. His last day of school was on a Friday and he began this job on the following Monday. It's keeping him busy as he's working anywhere from  30-50 hours a week. A quick jump into the REAL WORLD but he seems to be enjoying it so far. 

Thursday, April 17, 2014

April's Sparkling Stars

Once again it's been a little while since my last post. Spring has finally arrived in our neck of the woods and we are sooo... enjoying it. 
No time to blog, compute or sew!
I've been spring cleaning, cutting grass, contemplating my garden space and walking. It feels so good to get outdoors again.
Last night I finally finished my April Stars for the 2014 Quilt Doodle Designs BOM
Here are the first four months all pictured together.
I was hoping to finish April's block so that I could begin on another project. Several years ago Ginger from Primitives by the Light of the Moon was kind enough to send me a little kit of rug hooking materials to try out. Well I tried and didn't do so well but I'm gonna give it another try. A big problem that I had was that my fabric sagged and I constantly had to keep pulling it tight over and over again. So this time around I ordered some Gripper Strip and my Dad is going to make me a frame to stretch my fabric over. I can't wait to get my hands working on this project once again. Here in our area rug hooking is not something that I've seen anyone do. ( I've not seen any products or supplies at the local craft fairs or craft stores) So I will be in search of old woolen garments to recycle or I will have to purchase wool from the internet.
Anyways, that's a small update on what's going on in my little world. The kiddos are off on their Spring Break this week so it's kind of like a free for all. However, the sun is shining and it's warming up so I may head outdoors and see if I can recruit the help of the big kiddos to get my garden tilled up.