Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Crocheted Snowman Cocoon

I saw the instructions for this on Pinterest a few months ago and thought it was so cute. Luckily I saved it because I have a baby shower to attend later this month and thought it would make a nice gift. I used Lion Brand Chenille yarn, which I had never used before, and a little larger crochet hook when I worked it up. I crochet very tight so it worked out even though I used the bigger hook. 
It took me a few days to make but was pretty simple. I'd say the worst part was having to sew on the buttons. I'm in love with the yarn that I chose. It is so soft. I think it will be my new baby favorite to use. Just wish they had it in a few more colors.
If you'd like the pattern you can hop on over to Repeat Crafter Me. Sarah has lots of fun patterns to try.

Monday, October 26, 2015

Hiking through Coopers Rock

I can't believe it has been six months since I last blogged. I need to spend a massive amount of time on my computer just to catch up with everything. Now that fall is here and the temperatures are much cooler plus the fact that it's going to be pretty much dark by dinnertime maybe I will have a little more time to sit down and browse through all my favorites.
A few weekends ago we all planned to spend a day at Coopers Rock State Park. It's only about an hour and a half away and since it's leaf season we thought it would be a beautiful time to go. I, of course, had an even better reason for waiting until October before we went....the snakes are all hibernating.
We packed the cooler with some lunches and grabbed our winter coats. It was a really cool weekend. As we climbed up I-68 we could see the temperature dropping into the low thirties on the thermometer. 
We went out onto the overlook and snapped a few pictures. (Those are the first two pictures at the top of this post.)
Then we headed for some hiking trails. 
                                 (Gage was our fearless trail leader.)
The first trail we started on was pretty easy but then we ventured onto another and it was a little more tricky but we had a blast climbing over and around all the rocks. 
We arrived at our first camp site, took a breather and then decided to take a different trail back to the truck. It took us deeper into the woods and I was kind of getting the idea that we were going nowhere. 
The maps that we were using didn't quite have all that trails listed on it. But we found our way back eventually. 
We grabbed our lunches and headed to a picnic table. It was so cold. People had campfires burning to huddle around for warmth and while we were eating it began to snow. Just a few flurries but those were my first flakes of the season. 
Once we got our bellies full we piled back into the truck and headed home. The kiddos slept pretty much the whole way home. Everyone was tired but we all enjoyed the day. We'll be making that trip again and trying out a few more trails.

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

My Lil' Potato Patch

                           Garden from several years ago
When the kids were much smaller and before we bought our pool I had a nice big garden in my back yard. Big enough to put some potatoes and corn plus all the usual veggies. 

I lost that space when we put the pool in and I had to downsize my garden which meant potatoes and corn were scratched from my growing list. 
                                        2015 Potato Patch
This year I was able to talk my dad into letting my put a little potato patch in at his house, which is just across the road from my house. So here it is, all tilled up. The potatoes are planted, now we just wait and watch them grow. It's the first time that anything has been planted there so I'm keeping my fingers crossed that they will do well. 
                                       2015 backyard garden
In my own back yard the garden is also tilled up and ready to go. A big thanks goes out to my 2 best friends Misty & Sam who so kindly brought their tractor in one day and helped to get both gardens plowed. So far the only things planted in my back yard garden are onions and as of today they are starting to peek through the dirt. There isn't enough room for corn but I'll be planting plenty of tomatoes, peppers, zucchini and maybe some Kale.

Has the weather been nice enough in your neck of the woods to begin the gardening season?

Friday, March 27, 2015

Shades of Dresden

I am having so much fun working on these Dresden plates. I love working with all the color. Sifting through all of my scraps and then laying the pieces out until they each fall in just the right spot. 
Then it's off to my machine to stitch each petal. Once they are all sewn together then I sit with needle in hand and embroider each center into the middle.
I still have shades of blue, turquoise, green, brown, black, cream and grey to work on. Once I get them finished I'll stitch them onto and all white background and quilt it. Can't wait to see the end product.

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Dresden Plate

I just finished quilting a small lap quilt for my mom and as soon as I removed it from my frame I was off in search of another quilt to start on. This time I chose a dresden plate because I have plenty of fabric scraps that I can use without needing to spend money on more fabric. Though I will need to make a stop at the fabric shop to buy the background fabric for it.
I have spent the last few days going through all my totes of fabric and finding the bits and pieces that I wanted to use. I found the pattern HERE at Sew Mama Sew and made a template of it. 
Next was the fun part of cutting all my pattern pieces out and placing them in a colorful arrangement. 
As you can see PINK was the first color that I chose. 
This is my first time working on a dresden and I love it. I love COLOand so it has been fun working with all the bright and colorful scraps that I have accumulated over the years. 
Speaking of BRIGHT....the sun is out and shining today....yippee!
I am so over winter. It's been in the 50's for a few days and it feels great!